It's difficult to think of anything that California is missing in the summer, but if we had to pick one thing, it would probably be fireflies. 

Known to some as lightning bugs or glow bugs, they intermittently glow and dance in the summer twighlight of memory.

Our late summer window of 2014 featured the flickering lights of remembered evenings chasing fireflies under the August constellations. 

Fiber optics and toy flashlights illuminate the scene, the latter left behind in the grass with jars full of glowing captives.  

Collages tell the story of the dark-  hands grasping for light. Catching, clasping and releasing to pursue again the magic of a long day's dusk.

Elements peripheral to the glimmering lights and the darkness they swim in are but monochromatic impressions- Spanish moss drapes from nearby branches, chalk sketching flora and celestial characters in a common childhood medium.